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Final Result of Women Scientist Scheme (WOS-C) KIRAN-IPR 11th Batch

The result may be seen by clicking on Selected Candidates and Waitlisted Candidates

1. Chemistry & Chemical Sciences Selected Candidates Waitlisted Candidates
2. Drugs, Food & Pharma Selected Candidates Waitlisted Candidates
3. Life Sciences & Biotechnology Selected Candidates Waitlisted Candidates
4. Mechanical, Production, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engg, Structural Engg, Construction Engg, Transportation Engg, Materials Science Engg Selected Candidates Waitlisted Candidates
5. Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation & Biomedical Engineering Selected Candidates Waitlisted Candidates
6. Computers & Information & Communication Technology Selected Candidates Waitlisted Candidates
7. Other Areas (Only Science Related Subjects) Selected Candidates Waitlisted Candidates

Schedule of Induction:
1 Announcement of result on website
a. List of 120 selected candidates and
b. List of 61 waitlisted candidates
01.07. 2019
2 Cut-off date for selected candidates to join the training programme at their respective Coordination Centre.
Candidates who do not join the programme by cut-off date, their seats will be offered to waitlisted candidates in the order of merit in each stream
15.07. 2019
3 Calling waitlisted candidates to fill vacant seats as per 2. above 16.07. 2019
4 Cut-off date for candidates called from waitlist to join the programme at first call on July 16, 2019 22.07.2019
5 If still few seats remained vacant there shall be second call from the waitlist in the order of merit in each stream
Two extra candidates in an order of merit from each stream, in total 14 will be offered to join the training with the condition that they will be eligible for stipend, etc, if they find place in total 120
6 Cut-off date for candidates called from waitlist to join the programme at second call on July 23, 2019 29.07. 2019
7 Spot registration [waitlisted candidates who have not been called will be informed to avail the chance of getting seats if any remain vacant.] 31.07. 2019

Start of Training: August 1,2019 with one month orientation programme at New Delhi

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